At Simply Hebrew, we focus on teaching you the Hebrew language as it is used and spoken today, using the most up to date teaching methods and materials to not only teach children (and adults) to read, speak and write the spoken language but also have great fun doing it.

A language is not just simply a means of communication between people, it is what unites people and gives expression to their culture, traditions, history and beliefs.

Whenever someone thinks of a Jewish person, the first thing that pops into their mind is that person is a Hebrew. Throughout history, the term ‘being Jewish’ has been interchanged with the term being Hebrew.

To know, understand and speak Hebrew is to be intimately connected not only with our ancient culture and history, and in modern times, be connected both spiritually and emotionally to the rebirth of the Jewish state as a nation among nations. Thus, a Jewish person not knowing the Hebrew language is losing an important part of the heritage that makes us who we are.

Therefore, what better way is there to connect your children to their heritage and customs then by learning Hebrew. ‘SIMPLY HEBREW’ is designed to fill that gap.

Learning Hebrew will not only connect you or your child to the Jewish culture and traditions, but will also allow you to embrace your heritage and have a better understanding through the language of the happenings in Israel. You will be able to pick up and read a Hebrew newspaper containing journalism not available here. If you decide to travel to Israel, you will be able to understand better what is going on around you.

The workbooks and lesson plans we use are created around the student’s daily life. This would involve activities that would enhance a child’s understanding of what it means to be Jewish and gain greater knowledge of Jewish culture and history.

To enroll your child at Simply Hebrew for fun and interactive Hebrew lessons, (we cater for the needs of all ages), phone 0432 444 921 or email for further information.